Cut the Cord to all the outside noise

Do you ever find yourself wondering if this is all there is?

Cut the Cord Apparel is here as a way to challenge the status quo that is pushed onto us in many ways. Why do we have to think like everybody else? Why can't we Cut the Cord and change our mindset?

Cut the Cord Collections


We all have times that we think about or live in scarcity.... 

21st Century Bible

Looking at the Bible, one shirt at a time.For too long we... 

  • Dream is Free, Hustle is Sold Separately

    We all sit and dream about our future and what we want to have, do or be. The difference comes in the hustle. That is where the dream becomes our reality.

  • Burn the Ships

    When you step out of the safety of the 9-5 and put yourself out there to create, you have to burn the ships. There can't be a plan b. You just keep pushing.

  • Tattooed like Jesus

    The Bible is not old. It touches our lives in every way, even now. In Revelations 10:16 it says that when Jesus returns it is written on His thigh and robe, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Sounds like a tattoo like me.